German course in Berlin

  • Are you looking to work in Germany, but only have basic knowledge of the language?
  • Have you lived in Germany for a while and want to improve your German?
  • Would you like to work as an IT specialist, doctor, engineer or teacher in Germany?
  • Do you want to prepare for an examination at the Goethe-Institut or elsewhere?
  • Have you had bad experiences with large language schools?
  • Are you looking for personalised support and want to use your time effectively?
  • Are you trying to find a German teacher for your business/employees?
  • Do you want to study in Germany?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then we are the right partner for you! At TL TRANSLATIONES, everything revolves around language – and not only foreign languages! We love our native German language at least as much as the others.

Together with a professional teacher of many years at the Goethe-Institut, we now also offer our customers language courses for German as a foreign language at the highest level.

Whether you are a medical doctor, engineer, business executive or consultant, academic, graduate or postdoctoral student, future student, skilled worker, sales representative or office administrator: we are the right choice for all German learners who require and appreciate individual, professional and tailored support in the learning process.


Analyse your personal learning biography

Individual analysis of your level of attainment and a clear definition of goals

Maximum flexibility

German lessons 365 days a year

Language acquisition with maximum efficiency

Needs-based use of textbooks and learning resources

Tailored lessons for individuals and small groups

Tailored lessons for individuals and small groups of up to 6 people

Academic-level support

Support for post-doc and PhD students, courses in grammar/writing, German for work, business German

Exam preparation

Preparation for all Goethe-Institut certificates (A1-C2), all telc language tests, and the university examinations DSH and Test DaF

Looking for a premium German course?


Are you looking to improve your knowledge of German? We are your partners for successful language acquisition. With our experienced team, we are always available when you need a tutor for German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache – DaF) in Berlin and the surrounding region. Please feel free to contact us – we are sure to have the right teacher for you!


Tutor for German as a foreign language

Burkart Encke

The foundations for my future career as a German tutor were laid from an early age. Even as a schoolboy, I loved the German language. I used to avidly read the novels of Thomas Mann, the poems of Rainer Maria Rilke, and the plays of Heinrich von Kleist.”

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German lessons for private individuals, businesses and expats

TL TRANSLATIONES offers varied and diversified private German lessons especially for international specialists and business executives, academics, scientists, professionals and students.

We will start at your current level and ensure that teaching materials and methods are geared to your knowledge, ability and needs. Whether you want to improve your speaking, writing, listening or reading comprehension skills, consolidate your grammar or gain fluidity in conversational situations – we will get you to your goal!

With us, you can have your German lessons at whatever time of day suits your schedule. Our tutors are available 365 days a year. With tailored lessons for individuals and small groups of up to 6 people, we offer you exactly what you need.



What is the European Framework of Reference?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages defines competence levels from A1 to C2 in terms of linguistic abilities.

What exams are there for DaF – German as a foreign language?

The most recognised examinations for German as a foreign language are the Goethe-Institut certificates, the telc language tests and the university exams DSH and Test DaF.

What is the dative used for?

The dative case is required after some prepositions (e.g. mit dem Bus) and also for indirect objects (e.g. Berlin gefällt dem neuen Mitarbeiter).

How good does my German have to be if I want to study in Germany?

That depends on what you want to study, and the university. Relevant levels are B2, C1 or C2.

What knowledge of German do I need for work?

Many employers want employees to have level B2 ability. If German is also going to be your written working language, having level C1+ knowledge is helpful.

What is DaF?

DaF – Deutsch als Fremdsprache – is a structured method of teaching the German language to non-native speakers.

Why is teaching one to one or in small groups often better than group courses?

These types of lessons allow the teacher to work much more effectively and on a more individual level with German language learners. This particularly benefits people who want to acquire confident and correct German quickly.

Why is German considered to be a difficult language?

In the German language, you have to learn a lot of rules when you start. But after that it’s not so hard.



We can give you exactly what you are looking for: language lessons tailored to suit you, with flexible schedules and individual support at the highest linguistic and professional level.

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