Translations for discerning organisations

When it comes to translating business texts like contracts, advertising copy or technical documentation, sometimes slight nuances make all the difference. Using the wrong term or an inappropriate turn of phrase can destroy a good impression.

Based on more than 15 years of experience as a translation agency, we know that discerning clients and business partners do not forgive a linguistic faux-pas. That’s why we have established an excellent translation service that you can rely on 100%. In addition to ensuring that your content and messages are correctly translated at a technical level, we also make sure that linguistic and cultural features of the target region are taken into account, for example American English for your business partners in the United States.


Native-speaker specialist and technical translators

Our translators don’t just take the content and form into account, they also appreciate the nuances of the language and express what’s written between the lines.

Terminology management

We continuously update industry and company-specific terminology

Quality revision

A native speaker of the source language checks the translated text again to make sure that the source text was understood correctly and translated completely.

Multiple file formats

Whether Microsoft Word, InDesign, PDF or xml – we deliver your translations in the desired format.

Wide range of services

We speak your language, offering translations in more than 100 language combinations.

ISO 17100 standard compliant translations

We meet the high requirements of this international standard to guarantee quality and maximum transparency in our working processes.

Looking for premium translations?


As a translation agency, we collaborate with a global network of more than 1,000 professional translators. We select them to match your text. All of our specialist translators are native speakers in the target language, and hold a university degree or have passed state examinations. All of our translators have multiple years of professional experience.

We also apply the ‘four-eyes’ principle to our translation service: native-speaker reviewers of the source text language closely check every line of your translation again before a text leaves our translation agency. This way, we make sure that native speakers of the source and target languages have verified the quality of every translation.


Translation agency for technical texts

After we started out in 2003, we shared offices with the former German Solar Industry Association (BSi). So from the early days of our company, we’ve been acquiring special expertise in the renewable energy sector– solar and wind energy, hydroelectric power and bioenergy.

Over time, our client base has grown and widened to include many more technical fields such as civil engineering, industrial automation and electrical engineering, in which we now have extensive experience. This professional expertise enables us to support you at the highest level with translations of technical documents, contracts and advertising texts.

Our customers trust us to translate their websites, product documentation, contracts, manuals, annual reports, press releases, trade publications, user guides, presentations and conference documents. Our translation agency handles these and many other types of text, delivering translations that are technically correct, stylistically assured, and adapted to the linguistic conventions of the target audience.

Renewable energy


Business & Finance

PR & Marketing


Our translation service – efficient and transparent

We put a big emphasis on efficiency in our translation agency. That is why we use a variety of intelligent software solutions to optimise our workflow for you. Whether project management, translation or proofreading, we leave nothing to chance. Our processes are lean and transparent – which lowers your costs, without cutting back on quality!

  • Project management
  • Plunet Business Manager

We want to make the translation process as easy for you as possible. Our project managers will support you from your enquiry through needs assessment, planning and organisation, to producing your translation. They will select suitable translators and reviewers, coordinate the schedule and reliably deliver your translation to your inbox by the agreed deadline.

The ISO 17100 standard for translation services requires every single work step to be precisely recorded. So we transparently document the individual process steps from preparing a quotation, stating the price and scope of service, to final delivery of the translation. Plunet Business Manager is a web-based tool designed especially for translation agencies, which helps us manage your projects. Our processes remain transparent and efficient, and if you desire, you can track the status of your translation directly with your personal login details.

So that your translations can be produced quickly, correctly and efficiently, our translators use the Translator’s Workbench and SDL TRADOS Studio software applications. These tools provide all the features required to produce, edit and proofread translations quickly and effectively. Translations are stored in a customer-specific database in pairs of sentences. This resource can be utilised for subsequent translations. It is also possible to integrate terminology work, to maintain the consistency of your texts over longer periods of time. That means we will always use your preferred translation solution in future translations, too.

SDL MultiTerm is a terminology management tool that we use to ensure consistent application of the appropriate terminology for your working environment and your organisation. This tool offers all the features necessary for comprehensive and precise management of your terminology. Terminological entries are stored in a customer-specific database. The number of possible languages is practically unlimited. All of this guarantees terminological consistency in your texts and ensures that we use your preferred translation solution throughout future translations too.




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